BV Engineering Equipment (Chang Zhou) Co.,Ltd. is a professional solution provider with richexperience in fabricating spare parts of heavy machinery which is located in Changzhou city.

BVEE covers an area of more than 15000m2 for workshop,and integrates research,design,manufacture,installment,erection/commissioning,transportation & after-sale service in an entity to provide users with a full range of service. BVEE aims to be the leading manufacturer of heavy machinery spare parts and keeps cooperation with international renowned companies. BVEE has been qualified and incorporated into the supply chain of many top industrial leaders.

The products of BV Engineering Equipment(Chang Zhou) Co.,Ltd. consist of tyre crane, bridge crane,travelling mechanism, wheel, wheel assembly,sheave,sheave assembly,bearing housing,drum, shaft,hook assembly,structure parts,stacker-reclaimer, rail and rail clip etc .BVEE is committed to providing heavy machineries spare parts applied in ports,offshore,ship-building,mining&industry...

BVEE integrates research,design,manufacture,installment,commissioning, transportation and after-sale service in:
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